Three intense minutes a week to get in shape

In our time when we need to count everything, intensive interval training would be five times more efficient with time!

You will not have any excuses for not training. Semi-slothers will even rejoice: researchers have shown that one minute of intermittent exercise in a 10-minute interval, three times a week, is enough to improve health. With these 3 minutes of intense exercise per week, we get results comparable to those produced by sustained training of 45 minutes, three times a week!

An Amazing Comparative Study

The study was conducted by a team from McMaster University in Hamilton. The researchers recruited young sedentary men and divided them into three groups. The former continued to be sedentary, which is not very complicated. The second group was to perform 45-minute bike sessions for 12 weeks. The third group focused on short, very intensive exercise sessions, which gave these surprising results.

The exercise sequence of the third group was as follows:

Warm up for 2 minutes.
Then, for 20 seconds, pedal as fast as possible.
And then slow down the pace for 2 minutes.
The cycle 20 seconds / 2 minutes was repeated three times.
Then we asked to slow down the rhythm for 3 minutes.
In total, it was necessary to spend these 10 minutes on a bike, only three times a week, for 12 weeks.

In both active groups, the improvement in cardiovascular capacity was significant compared to the sedentary group. Of course, this is about fitness and not about long-term effects. Some biomarkers also showed an effect on metabolism, including glucose management, insulin secretion, and mitochondrial function, as these cell organelles produce our vital energy.

But while the second group sweated for 27 hours spread over the 12 weeks, the third group worked only 6 hours, of which only 36 minutes at a high rate. In this age of relying on everything, intensive exercise would be five times more effective with time!

Three intense minutes a week to get in shape

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