Why A Cosmetics Promoter Is More Than Sales

By Anna Carter
Right now, the makeup industry is hot in sales and top brands are getting recognized across the globe. At one time, nontheatrical cosmetic products were used primarily by women on special occasions but these days, there is room for everyone to express themselves freely. This is mostly due to the efforts of a cosmetics promoter, who plays a large role in telling the public that looking good has few boundaries.

While this may be a new title, they have existed under other titles like fashion photographer, makeup artist, stylist, or even someone who works in publicity. It takes a true visionary to change the mindset of an audience that may only know deep red lips, full eyelashes, and a little pink blush. Additionally, cosmetics not only make a defined face but also have the ability to restore natural beauty.

Before it became common to use social media for promoting anything, people that worked in the beauty and fashion industries would encourage makeup artists to make their subjects look wonderful. That subject could be the popular actress or female recording star, or even a model with exceptional beauty. This person may be known for having a style that others find inspirational.

Some cosmetic styles, like the heavy eyeliner Cleopatra look, are a throwback to an earlier time. Other trends like glitter, lipstick shades in primary or secondary colors, are also part of the fashion circle that goes around almost every generation. When new ideas gain popularity, the more wearers begin to feel confident in themselves.

Like men who wear makeup on and off the stage. While it gained some popularity in the early eighteenth century, men wore makeup to cover imperfections related to age and sun damage. Then in the 1980s, the cycle started again with British recording acts like Culture Club and Duran Duran. The image promoted back then was both glamorous and eclectic. Though some would call this period the precursor to gender bending in pop culture, it did lead to more people expressing their true selves with makeup.

Color palettes also began to change as well. Primary colors, metallic shimmers, and iridescent shades for lips and eyes began to emerge. However, it was also time for cosmetics to have practical use. This led to the creation of corrective products and those made with natural mineral powder.

Media ads showed real before and after photos while some department store makeup artist gave careful demonstrations on live models. This was a true testament that cosmetics could serve a purpose. These products also gave hope to people unable to wear traditional makeup products.

Overall the cosmetics marketer, who may also be known as a brand ambassador, can carry a lot of weight when it comes to the direct sales of a product. While some may give a brand a nice blog post, seeing the effectiveness or look on camera speaks volumes. In contrast to high budget ad campaigns, a regular person that gives a good presentation with a basic digital camera can help sell just as many units as a top supermodel or celebrity spokesperson.

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Why A Cosmetics Promoter Is More Than Sales

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