Applying Self Tanning Lotion For A Realistic Bronze Complexion Trouble Free

By Haywood Hunter
You might think that sitting under the blazing sun is a cost-free and easy way to darken your skin tone naturally. However, there is always the possibility of you ending up with skin cancer some time in the future. Sunbathing may make your complexion look lovelier but the fact is it damages your skin, causing those premature aging signs to show up. It’s for all of these reasons why the application of self tanning lotion is preferred by individuals who want to look great minus the risks.

The application of this product is considered as several times better than sunbathing for varied reasons. One of them is you get to considerably reduce the odds of being afflicted with skin cancer. Ending up with this disease is something you wouldn’t want. Skin cancer could cost you your life most especially if it’s not discovered and treated during its early stages.

The application of an indoor tanner won’t leave you with deadly skin cancer because it does not involve the sun’s UV rays in making your complexion darker. When you rub the product on your skin, there is no need for you to step foot outside your home to get exposed to sunlight. Instantly, you will enjoy a sun-kissed glow that gets more and more intense as the hours pass by.

The chemical known as dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is the one responsible why a sunless tanner works so effectively. It may sound like it’s a harsh chemical but it is actually 100% natural as it comes from sugar cane. When DHA gets into contact with the film of dead cells sitting on the skin’s topmost layer, the alteration in your skin tone immediately begins.

Right away, an instant change in complexion is noticeable. This is not actually the work of DHA but the added bronzer. It lets you enjoy a gorgeous skin tone while the active ingredient is springing into action. DHA takes about a couple of hours to carry out its task. After 4 to 6 hours, it is safe to take a shower to wash off the bronzer and reveal the beautiful work of DHA.

How intense the sun-kissed glow is will depend on the amount of DHA present in the tanner you apply. For a subtle change, go for the light formulation. The ultra dark variant allows you to sport a really deep brown complexion. According to experts in fake tanning, it’s recommended for you to get a tanner color that’s very close to your actual complexion for a realistic effect.

You may be intimidated by getting a fake tan especially if you haven’t tried applying a self tanner in the past. You should worry not because it’s as simple as spreading your favorite hand and body lotion all over your body. Putting on a pair of latex gloves or simply washing your hands right away saves your palms from ending up stained and revealing that your tan is fake.

Applying the product evenly is essential for an outcome that can really impress. Opting for an excellent sunless tanner is also an important factor. Getting the recommendations of friends or reading reviews on the web lets you find the right one.

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