How To Choose The Best Self Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter
It is great to have beautiful bronzed skin during summer, but this lovely summer glow looks attractive all year round. You don’t have to spend who knows how many exhausting hours sunbathing, there are much easier ways for achieving this amazing bronze shade. Besides, sunbathing speeds up the aging process and can be dangerous. It’s much easier to use some good self tanning lotion.

Some people prefer tanning beds. The problem is that these beds emit at least three times more dangerous UV rays than summer sun. Lotions designed to use in tan beds often don’t contain UV protection, and you have to be very careful when using them. In fact, they are usually designed only to enhance the production of melanin, and to speed up your bronzing.

Sunless tanners come in forms of sprays, gels, lotions and creams. Today, most of them are based on DHA. DHA has very interesting characteristic. When it is applied on the skin, it reacts with skin cells, and dye them into different bronze nuances. It usually affects only the top skin layer, containing mostly dead skin cells. The higher percentage of DHA in your products will create darker nuances.

The resulting color is quite similar to naturally achieved bronze. This particular chemical compound is extracted from sugar, and it is suitable for all skin types. Considering the fact that only superficial skin layer is affected, and your skin naturally sheds every few days, it means that your color will gradually fade, until it disappear after one week or so. You can reapply the lotion whenever you think it is necessary.

Your skin needs to be properly prepared for the application. It means that it has to be exfoliated, cleansed and well moisturized. Well prepared skin will be evenly dyed and smooth, and your color will last longer. Using good quality moisturizer will additionally prolong the life of your beautiful bronze summer glow. In any case, choosing the best quality products is the best guarantee for great results.

Making the right choice is not so easy. There are numerous different products out there, and it is hard to choose the best one. The first thing you should do is to read the list of ingredients. Search for natural ingredients, good quality natural moisturizers such as hemp seed oil and natural anti-oxidants. It is always advisable to choose products that contain higher SPF.

Naturally achieved tan provides certain UV rays protection. Increased melanin level plays the role of SPF three or four. SPF two, for example, means that you can stay on the sun twice as long. If you use self tanners without SPF, your lovely bronze won’t protect you from direct sun rays, and you have to use some kind of lotion that contains UV rays filters. Sunburns aren’t very pleasant things, and they will affect your skin appearance now and in your future.

You cannot expect spectacular results if you use low quality products. Invest in good ones, and you will be more than satisfied. Of course, if you can afford it, you can go to some respectable airbrush tanning salon. Airbrush gun is great for applying different self tanners, and this way you can be sure your tan will be absolutely perfect.

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