Reasons Why Using Self Tanning Lotion Is Better Than Sunbathing

By Haywood Hunter
Sitting under the scorching sun for a long time is no longer necessary each time you want to sport a dazzling skin tone. Using self tanning lotion can yield the same effect as bathing in the sun. The product is being used by a lot of indoor tan fanatics. Read on to get acquainted with the different reasons why applying a sunless tanner is a smarter and more practical solution.

An instant sun-kissed glow shows up the moment you smooth the tanner all over your body or only on areas not covered by your clothes. This is made possible by the bronzing ingredient added into the formulation. What’s more, its presence helps you apply the product evenly. It helps make sure that you end up with a very realistic outcome that’s free of unsightly streaks.

Ending up with a consistent golden brown hue all over your body is trouble-free. By applying the tanner according to the directions printed on the bottle, each part of your body can sport the same lovely color. This is something difficult to attain when you bathe in the sun. You constantly have to make sure that every area is being exposed to those UV rays equally.

Your skin tone goes from pale to dazzling without any unsightly redness in between. Ending up looking like a ripe tomato is a common post-sunbathing issue faced most especially by individuals with really light complexion. Sunless tanning saves you from putting up with this problem. As soon as the product is dry, you may start showing off your pretty sun-kissed glow.

For an entire week, the effect of sunless tanner may be enjoyed. This is something brought about by DHA, the lotion’s active ingredient. Short for dihydroxyacetone, it gives skin a color that is highly similar to a real suntan the moment it comes into contact with amino acids present in dead cells. The effect gradually disappears after several days as the skin sloughs off.

A lovely tan may be enjoyed regardless of the season or weather outside. The product can make your skin tone darker minus the need to have it bombarded with the UV rays of the sun. No matter if the sky is really cloudy or the rain doesn’t seem to want to stop, worry not. Using the indoor tanner lets you have the complexion you like even without direct exposure to sunlight.

Using the product significantly reduces your odds of ending up with skin cancer. It has something to do with the idea that you don’t have to be exposed to harmful UV rays unnecessarily. Being a stunner means nothing if in the future your health is in peril. By tanning indoors, you can rest assured that you are not going to battle a disease that’s hard to defeat.

Tanning inside your home saves you from looking older than your actual age. Aside from skin cancer, unnecessary exposure to those UV rays can cause various premature aging signs to show up. Some of them include fine lines, wrinkles, liver spots and leathery skin texture. There is no use in having a sun-kissed glow if everyone thinks you’re 50 when in fact you’re just 35.

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