Why Sunless Tanning Lotion Is The Only Sensible Solution For Those Desiring A Tan

By Haywood Hunter
Health experts have warned for years that exposure to direct sunlight is dangerous and that it can cause a variety of serious conditions. Yet people still want to boast brown skins and in many cases they do not realize the fact that many of the problems that can be caused by the sun will only manifest years later. There is a solution. People that are intent upon sporting a tan should seriously consider the use of sunless tanning lotion.

There are many products that promise consumers an instant tan. It is very important to understand that not every product will work with every skin type. Before using a specific product is may be wise to conduct some online research. There are many sites dedicated to instant tan products. Some sites offer consumer feedback and informative reviews. Others allow users to complete basic questionnaires and then use the information provided to recommend a specific product.

It is great to be able to access feedback from other consumers but such feedback should always be treated with at least a small dose of doubt. Excessively positive or negative feedback is always suspect. The best sources of advice and information will always be balanced, presenting both the good and the bad. It must also be kept in mind that a product that caused a very poor result for one person may actually be perfect for another.

Reading about products and getting online advice is a worthwhile start, but it may be necessary to book a consultation with a dermatologist or a reputable beauty salon for a skin test. Once the test is done the professionals can recommend a product that will work for that specific client. It may also be useful to ask advice from beauty and fashion magazines. They often employ experts to deal with questions from readers.

Using inferior products may lead to disastrous results. These products can cause damage to the skin and produce startling color effects. In such cases it may be extremely difficult to remedy the negative results. It is best to invest in quality products. They do cost more but if the better quality products cannot be afforded it may truly be better to rather do without.

It is also important to beware of products that contain allergens. Products that do not list the ingredients should be avoided at all times. Once again, the advice from a qualified beautician or a dermatologist can be invaluable. Even the very best products should always be tested on a small portion of skin. If it causes any irritation the product should be avoided.

Despite ongoing campaigning by environmentalists many beauty products are tested on animals. Consumers can help protect the environment by refusing to buy or use products that have been tested in this manner. Reputable manufacturers will clearly state that their products are not tested on animals. Consumers should be responsible by making sure that they discard empty containers in a responsible manner.

There can be no doubt that the sun can cause a wide variety of skin problems. Cancer, premature ageing, liver spots and wrinkling are just some of the possible negative consequences. Responsible people know that they should avoid direct exposure to the sun. Those that really want to have a tan will almost certainly be better off by using an instant tan products.

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Why Sunless Tanning Lotion Is The Only Sensible Solution For Those Desiring A Tan

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