4 keys to reclaim the other

4 keys to reclaim the other
4 keys to reclaim the other

4 keys to reclaim the other: When you have been in a couple for several years, it is good, from time to time, to make some efforts to keep the other in love. Obviously, you have common interests, children, a vision of the two-way life you share, but nevertheless, the routine takes hold. Here are four keys to reconquer the other and keep him in love.
Keeping his man in love: seduce him again

Revisit your classic seduction as you once knew it. Side look, do a little refreshment: men are always attracted by women neat, feminine and a bit coquettish. Leave your pants “to hang out at home” aside, and dress more often as if you were expecting people.

Side sex, show subtly but surely your openness to change, your desire … Surprise it with nice new underclothes, or a little dared for example. Think of the sextoys too, which will spice up your antics.

Generally speaking, remember that believing in love with a great A is believing in “ideal” love and therefore hiding the reality of love. It is true that love in its reality is sometimes difficult to face. But the reality of the couple, of love, is seen in a dynamics linked to time. A couple is built day after day. A couple that never knows disputes, crises or conflicts is not healthy. So do not be afraid to talk with your man about negative and positive things. One can never speak enough of what he does well!

4 keys to reclaim the other

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