Choosing your sport according to your goals

Choosing your sport according to your goals
Choosing your sport according to your goals

Choosing your sport according to your goals: All sports have their advantages. If you have specific goals, here are some tips to choose which ones will bring you what you are looking for … and fun in addition!

To unwind

Want to evacuate stress and empty your head? An intense sport mobilizes all your attention and demands a great energy expenditure. If you like to dance, go for the zumba: 45 min of cardio on a basic choreography and catchy music. Squash, RPM, body fighting and boxing are also complete sports, perfect for unloading everyday worries.

For you to muscle

If you want to reshape your silhouette, you will have to choose sports close to bodybuilding, without necessarily lifting the cast iron. Abdominal-abs, body-pump or aerobic courses allow each muscle group to work. Follow the tips of the coaches and take care of your postures to avoid pain and injury, especially on the back.

To relax yourself

Two solutions are available to you to relax. Sports including meditation or yoga-inspired, such as soft gym, Pilates or body-balance combine physical spending and relaxation. You will come out really relaxed.
The second solution is to adopt an endurance activity. Swimming, cycling, Nordic walking, jogging, practiced without forcing, but for at least 20 min, will bring you the relaxation you are looking for.

For fun

For you, sport must rhyme above all with pleasure? Team sports will improve your fitness in a good mood. Prefer leisure teams that enjoy playing games, small games and exchanges.
You will also be able to make the orientation race with the impression of participating every weekend in a treasure hunt, or climbing, to set you challenges!

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