Selecting The Best Self Tanner For Each Skin

By Haywood Hunter
Skin tanners come in different varieties which might be confusing to first time buyers. The choice of the best self tanner depends on your expectations from the process and your type of skin. Knowledge of skin type is important since different persons react in unique ways. Manufacturers give clear instructions on how to use particular products. The instructions should be followed at all times.

Each skin type has a unique product. It means that there are tanners for oily, dry, normal and sensitive skins. Any consumer intending to tan her skin should understand it first in order to get the best results. This knowledge informs you about what will work for you and what does not. You are likely to experience irritation or allergic reactions if you make the wrong choice. The skin may be permanently damaged.

Manufacturers provide tanners that guarantee particular results. There resulting tone after application may be dark, medium or very dark. Your expectations should be clear so that you select the best product for you.

The forms in which tanners are available include creams, lotions, sprays and wipes. Each comes with unique advantages that make it preferred by one consumer and not the other. The choice of a lotion over a spray may be informed by the desire to enjoy the additional benefits including sunscreens and skin conditioners. Sprays are fast acting while wipes offer a quick solution.

Analysis by experts provides the guidance needed to determine whether a product is genuine or not. They carry out tests to establish the good and bad aspects of each product under their radar. They also gather information from the market and use it to give an expert opinion. This opinion is reliable and can be used in decision making.

Customers take time to offer first hand experiences of using certain products. This information focuses on such aspect as quality of tan obtained, odor and how easily it spreads. Consumers are also interested in the time taken for the lotion to dry. Such qualities make tanners popular in the market.

Tanners for use on the face are special. This is because of the delicate nature of skin around this area. Availability of such products prevents damage through the use of unapproved products. The face requires a thorough job because it determines how you appear in public. It has the potential of raising or lowering self esteem. This calls for special ingredients to prevent damage.

Different tanners deliver desired results after several layers are applied. Information on the number of applications required is available on user manuals. You also should be interested in the duration of time it takes a tanner to deliver desired results. Some tanners will be instant while others will require an overnight stay.

Consumers are interested in minor details like duration of the tan on the skin and the odor. The odor is concealed through blending with such varieties as strawberry, vanilla, mint and citrus. It is important that tanners do not stain bed sheets or cloths. High quality tanners fade off evenly without leaving patches or spots on the skin.

Convenient options for using tanners determine preference. Availability of a pump for lotions makes it possible to spend to the last drop. The tube should be easy to squeeze in case of a cream. Sprays should provide a consistent tan and not irritate the skin. These are the properties that guarantee excellent value for money.

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