Companies That Produce Sunless Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter
There are several products on the market that give very elegant tanning effects when used correctly. It should however be known that it takes some great deal of knowledge to choose the right product. The right information about skin type, application procedures and content of the product is important when in need of a good choice. This article has good information on how to choose a good sunless tanning lotion for any skin type.

Knowing the skin type should be the first thing to do. Human skins can be placed into three major categories, though each type may have sub-divisions. The three types are dark, fair, and medium or olive. Since fair skins burn when subjected to solar radiation, people with type of skin should not use sun beds and the sun. Medium-skinned however can use radiation because their skin tans. Dark skin type however cannot burn, but also it does not tan.

Tanning lotions fall under five main categories, that is, bronzers, moisturizers, facial tanners, accelerators, and tingle. Each of these products works differently and gives different results within different time frames. Although similar results may be achieved at the end of the day, the process of achieving the results differs a lot. Different products have different ingredients at different concentrations and the choice should be determined by the skin type.

The concentration of a lotion is measured according to the amount of DHA and erythulose it contains. DHA and erythulose are the ones that cause tanning and are the key active ingredients in most lotions. They do this by reacting with amino acid in dead epidermal cells. Low concentration products should be the choice for fair-skinned people because high concentrations also cause burning.

Lotions that contain moisturizers keep the skin smooth and moist. Moisturizers are important additives because moisture eases and accelerates tanning in skin. There are two kinds of bronzers, which are both very important. One is gradual while the other one is immediate. In immediate bronzers skin darkening effect happens immediately the substance gets applied whereas in gradual bronzers time must be given for the tan to develop. The urgency with which one needs the tan should determined the choice between gradual and immediate bronzers.

The tingle is a feared additive, but it gives very elegant results if applied in the right way. First, it causes a sense of irritation causing the body to turn red. The feeling can be very uncomfortable, but it lasts for a few hours and a nice tan is built. Tingle is recommended for people who are just getting started with tanning. It builds the initial tan that should then be maintained by applying other tanners frequently.

Other important additives for beginners are accelerators. Accelerators with an aloe formula give the skin ability to heal fast and age slowly. It also accelerates the process of tan formation. All lotions have a list of ingredients printed on the container they come in.

As dead cells making up the epidermal cells slough off, the effect of tanners on the skin fades away too. This happens because tanners only have effect on the outermost skin layer and when the layer gets replaced with new dead cells, the color change fades. To maintain the tan, the lotion needs to be reapplied regularly.

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Companies That Produce Sunless Tanning Lotion

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