The Right Way To Use A Sunless Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter
Applying self tan lotions offers a gorgeous look to the body without exposing oneself to damaging sun radiation. A sunless tanning lotion may be all you need if you want to tint the skin and give it a glowing look. The sunrays can be damaging to skin but thanks to the introduction of self tan products. Individuals do not have to burn their skin in UV light.

Because the products may be formulated using different ingredients, ensure the substances contained in them are gentle to skin and do not cause sensitivity. Get a product that will last for long before it fades. Some tanners will only remain on skin for a week before they fade out while others can stay there for almost a week or so.

The good thing about these problems is that they can be avoided by preparing the skin before you put the tan. The first step you would want to do is choose a self tanner that is suitable for your skin. Different people have different skin sensitivities. Some lotions may react with sensitive skin.

Presence of hair can prevent tan products from adhering to skin as desired. The hair may trap some of the tan and allow it to create streaks and too much orangey look. By shaving the hair, you clear the surface of any material that could affect the application of tan. You may want to shave and wax the legs and arms to make sure the final appearance looks great.

Some formulations may have harmful and damaging effects to skin. In addition, some of the formulations tint the skin immediately while others will build a tan slowly over several days or weeks. You may have some lotions what will offer a tint for a short time while other are long lasting and could take weeks before they fade away.

Exfoliation also helps remove that debris. At times, the hard skin such as the hands and elbows may need to be moisturized. Use of moisturizers is not recommended when you are tanning but since the rough and dry sections can impair absorption of tan, you can consider moisturizing only those parts. Dry your body completely before you use a tan to make sure that the lotion is not diluted.

While one application may darken the skin, you may have to apply the products several times in order to achieve a good complexion. On the other hand, there are instant tanner products which come in form of sprays and they can be applied immediately for that sun-kissed transformation of skin. These products can stay on skin for a couple of days or weeks while others will fade away in a day.

Spot testing will help in choosing a product that will not harm the skin. Some people have hypersensitive skin which could react to some of ingredients used in making the lotions. The product you choose should be able to offer a tinted skin for an extended period. While some tan will wash away in a day or two, others can stay on your skin for almost a week or so.

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