Airbrush Spray Tans Allow You To Enjoy A Darker Skin Color That Looks Natural

By Haywood Hunter
Since the 60s, airbrush spray tans had become popular as health authorities warned people against the dangers of too much UV ray exposure. Airbrush spray tans are preferred by many, especially if performed at salons, as they can produce a golden brown complexion that looks natural. For about a week after a session, a stunning skin color may be enjoyed.

Airbrush spray tans are usually done by professionals using the appropriate handheld device. The solution which contains a chemical called DHA is an important part of the process. Derived from plants, DHA in airbrush spray tans can darken the skin’s color without the need for UV ray exposure to increase the amount of the pigment called melanin.

DHA is an essential chemical regardless of the brand of airbrush spray tans or which salon offers the service. When it gets into contact with dead skin cells, a chemical reaction with amino acids present and oxygen in air happens. The skin begins to brown, similar to what takes place when you slice an apple and leave it exposed to the air.

Even when you hit the shower, the deep brown color airbrush spray tans produce won’t come off. However, it will begin to fade after about a week because the top layer of your skin is naturally replaced on a regular basis. If you want the golden tan to stay around longer, the skin has to be applied regularly with moisturizers to keep the cells hydrated. Nowadays, there are topical solutions around that are used in conjunction with airbrush spray tans to help make the color last longer.

Airbrush spray tans provided by the pros allow you to sport a fake bronzed complexion that everyone will think is real. A kit for home use may also be purchased. But if you want to achieve an excellent outcome, it’s important to practice. You may ask a relative or friend to help with the application on body parts that you and the handheld device cannot reach.

Other than DHA, it’s normal for airbrush spray tans to also contain bronzers. These added ingredients provide instant results as they leave a temporary stain that looks like a tan. Likewise, they facilitate the entire process so a more even coverage may be done. It’s a good idea to refrain from doing activities that cause you to sweat to keep the bronzers from being removed. Try to wear loose-fitting clothes with dark fabric colors to prevent them from ending up stained.

Bronzers are essential because it will take a few hours for DHA to cause skin darkening. The DHA content of airbrush spray tans require at least 24 hours to produce the deepest possible skin complexion. During such time, keep your skin from being touched by chlorinated water and soap to prevent the destruction of DHA, especially while it is still doing its job.

It’s possible to have custom airbrush spray tans. This allows you to decide on how dark or light you want the resulting color to be. The entire body may undergo it or certain areas only that cannot be hidden with clothes, like the face, arms and legs.

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Airbrush Spray Tans Allow You To Enjoy A Darker Skin Color That Looks Natural

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