Essential Details About Sun Laboratories

By Haywood Hunter
In 1983, the family-owned company Sun Laboratories was born. When it started, it was considered among the first distributor and manufacturer of self-tanning products. Over its years in business, it has grown. The company now sells several products including those for tanning, sun care and sunless treatments.

It was during the 1980s that Gisela Hunter realized there was a need for a new way of tanning. A way that did not involve putting oneself at risk by exposing the skin to UV rays. Hunter believed this was a product desired by many. She began by experimenting with various formulas and finally creating a few. The results she saw from these initial mixtures were enough to have her form the business, which was initially called Giesee.

Over its many years of operation, Sun Laboratories has become a thriving business. The company currently owns labs in Chatsworth, California. This is where all of the products sold are created, mass-produced, packaged and shipped to customers all over the world. The business also offers sizing options for both consumer and professional use.

Sun Laboratories sells numerous products. They sell small and bulk sizes for individual use and businesses, respectively. The company has formulas designed for spray tans, sunless tanning, airbrushing and many more tanning products. Most of these come in different formats, such as gels, creams, sprays and lotions, and may be applied to the body and face. There are also products that can be used for sun protection, including sun block, sun care and sunscreen.

Prices vary based on the size and type of product being sold. All of them are listed on the Laboratories website for sale and even some can be purchased through beauty stores or salons. If a salon owner is interested in selling any of the company products at their store, they should inquire by phone or online.

The Laboratories also have a private label. This sector serves as contract manufacturers, specializing in personal and beauty care products. The label is determined to help businesses create their own brand and produce items that can bring in a profit. A team of professionals are able to offer expert services and advice in regards to key elements such as labeling, silk screening and designing.

At these lab facilities, clients are able to customize the colors and formulas. This labs are also fully equipped with the tools necessary for production and distribution, including the packaging process. Here is where products, in any sized container, can be labeled, capped and shrunk. As the business touts, they offer quality products at a low price.

For many years, it was popular to sun bathe or going to a tanning booth in order to darken the skin, but with the revelation that these practices are dangerous to the health of the skin, many people have sought out alternatives. Established during the 1980s, Sun Laboratories is a company that sells products designed to give the effect of a tan but without the risk of health hazards. The company was founded on the belief that individuals should have an alternative way to get tan results without the dangerous act of tanning.

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