Some Tip to Make Money Easily

Some Tip to Make Money Easily
Some Tip to Make Money Easily

Some Tip to Make Money Easily: Learn this once and for all: easy money does not exist. It’s a myth.
Good to start there are several methods to make money but You do not know how to make money without falling into one of these scams.

1) The Method of Popunder or Popup:
What is a Popup: This is an intrusive window, a secondary window that appears without clicking on a link to display it.
For me I advise you to use it is two site:
> PopAds <
> Propeller Ads Media <

2) The Shortlinks Method, Shortliks or AdFly:
How It Works A Shortlike: You need a link, any one then publish it so that you can make money every time someone clicks on it. The best sound site:
> <
> <
> AdFly <

3) The Simple Method Like Google Adsense:
How It Works This method: Google AdSense finds ads that match the content of your site and you receive a fee each time users click on it. I had a bad experience with the adss google services and its policy, so I decided to start looking for other services. And I find:
> Infolinks <
> Bidvertiser <
> CpmAffilation <

4) The method with a super site ClicTune:
How It Works This Method: It is a site where it is registered (1 person per ip)
Once you have completed the registration You have to visit sites to view for 10 seconds then go back in the page and refresh the page and you will have point. If not download applications then open and close the application and go back to the page and Refresh and you will have point the site.Or otherwise put links then The guys will click and it will bring you money !.
> Clictune <

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