After Acne Treatment Boston Teenagers Will Be Pimple Free

By Frank Patterson
Pimples are a part of life but they seem to be one of those maladies that that resembles the pest. People dread pimples and will do almost everything to clear them up quickly and to prevent them from developing. Everyone is prone to developing pimples, not just teenagers. In many cases nothing can be done because pimples can even be genetic. It is important to only seek help from professionals and for proper acne treatment Boston patients should seriously consider the services of an experienced dermatologist.

Pimples are not dangerous or contagious. Many people spend a lot of money on preparations and creams that are supposed to prevent pimples from developing. Most of these will not work, mainly because there is a misconception about what it is that causes pimples in the first place. Food such as candy and chocolates and sugar do not cause pimples. Neither does dirt or sweat. They are cause by blocked follicles.

There are a number of reasons why the follicles can become blocked and inflamed, resulting in pimples. One of the biggest culprits is cosmetics, especially if the cosmetics are not removed thoroughly on a regular basis. People that routinely handle strong chemicals are also prone to pimples and the wearing of clothes such as helmets and caps that place pressure on the skin is also guilty.

There is a very large number of creams, pills and other remedies for pimples on the market and many people spend small fortunes on such products. If pimples are becoming a big problem the best thing to do is to consult a dermatologist. They may prescribe Retinoids that help prevent the follicles to become clogged. In many other cases a course of antibiotics and the use of oral contraceptives have also proved to be very effective.

Some sufferers opt for more drastic treatment. This may include a chemical peel, where the outer layer of skin is removed. This can result in redness and skin irritation, however. Light treatment is also becoming very popular and can often be administered at home. In some cases dermatologists can physically remove white and black heads with special tools but this may lead to scarring and is only done when all else failed.

In the vast majority of cases pimples will clear up in a few days without leaving any marks. Unfortunately there are cases where they leave scars and in some cases very severe scarring. This is especially the case where the sufferer fiddled, scratched and squeezed the pimples. Scarring can be treated by means of chemical peels, which removes the top layer of the skin. This can cause severe skin irritation, however.

Effective prevention of pimples come down to preventing the follicles from becoming clogged. An exfoliolating face mask at least once a week can be of great help. Water based cosmetics are less likely to block the follicles than oil based versions. It is also vital to clean the face often and to use a very mild brand of soap.

For some people, a pimple is as bad as the black pest. The truth is that pimples do not cause damage in the long term, especially if the affected areas are kept clean and if the sufferer does not scratch or pinch the pimples. If things seems desperate, see a dermatologist.

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