To Find The Best Hair Loss Treatment PA Citizens Need To Conduct Some Research

By Henry Wagner
Alopecia, the fancy term describing the process of losing hair, is afflicting millions of people from every country and culture. Men, especially, suffer from the condition and often from a very early age. The majority of people will accept this as a fact of life, something that happens sooner or later. Many others, however, will go to great lengths to reverse or prevent the process. For the very best hair loss treatment PA residents should rather get advice from a professional.

There are many causes for Alopecia. In a large number of people the condition is genetic and cannot be prevented. Many others experience losses due to medical treatment such as chemo and yet others go bald due to a disease of the scalp, too much exposure to ultra violet rays and a neglect of the scalp. In some cases the condition is temporary but in may others the losses are permanent.

One of the best known and most effective ways of treating male pattern baldness is through the use of Finasteride. It is taken in capsule form, once a day. More than a third of men using it regain at least some growth after using the capsules for a year and another third shown much more significant regrowth. In more than ninety nine percent of cases it prevents losses altogether.

Minoxidil is also extremely popular with both men and women. It is a solution that is applied to the scalp twice every day. Between fifty and eighty percent of people using Minoxidil report a significant slowing in losses and more than twenty percent experience new growth. Users need to be careful, however, because the prolonged use of this solution can cause dermatitis.

Surgery is also an option but it is very expensive and only produce truly effective results after a year or so. The surgery is performed with a local anaesthetic when small clusters of hair is removed from the side of the head and transplanted to the bald areas. There is no danger that the transplanted clusters will fall out or fail to grow.

Many people swear by the effectiveness of certain home remedies and some research have been done in this area. Onion juice, for example, increase the circulation of the blood to the follicles, promoting growth. Coconut oil, massaged into the scalp, is also said to ensure a healthy scalp. Aloe Vera has been proven to correct the Ph balance of the scalp, which also promote growth and help prevent losses.

There is much that can be done to prevent losses. The scalp needs to be cleaned regularly, using a mild shampoo. Rough brushing, rubber bands and hot curlers can cause breakages and thinning. Diet is also important. Experts advise that protein promotes growth. Omega 3 fatty acids, nuts and eggs are also vital to the health of the scalp. Stress too, is one of the biggest culprits.

Many people see their hair as their crown. They spend a lot of money and time on it and they will go to great lengths to avoid losses. When thinning and losses do become a problem, help should be sought from a reputable professional rather than trying a variety of potentially damaging cures.

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