Procedure For Hair Removal Tri Cities WA

By Christopher Martin
The removal of unwanted hair involves a lot of strategies but few yield desired results. Most methods are only temporary and force an individual to undergo it repeatedly. Such temporary procedures include waxing and plucking can easily be done in the house. The advancement of technology has fortunately led to the application of laser, which is a more permanent treatment. This strategy for hair removal Tri cities WA is the most effective method for dealing with the unwanted mane.

Most people who are seeking a permanent solution already know about the laser treatment but do not fully understand what it entails.

The treatment itself is simple and to a large extend does not involve pain. However, the comfort level varies among patients depending on the skin type and color of the strands.It is important to note that the treatment involves a series of sessions as opposed to one time procedure as commonly believed. It can effectively be used on the face, underarms and other parts of the body. The sessions are done in a span of almost a year with a period of about six months in between two sessions.

The procedure can be undertaken for both men and women, regardless of the age so long as one qualifies to undergo it. Qualification is based on the skin type and hair color since some colors such as red, grey and blonde do not respond well to the treatment.

Before undergoing this procedure you need to shave for at least two days. Plucking or waxing before laser treatment should be avoided at all costs. You may also need to consult with your doctor to explain to you the kind of pain if there will be any, during the procedure. Often more than one session is required for a full procedure. People who have dark hair and light skin are best placed to choose from a variety of laser treatment techniques and clinics. For the ones with blonde, only a few specialized clinics with a different kind of treatment will be effective on it.

There is a variety of pre laser treatments which enhance the success of the procedure. They include an element which gives the follicle an artificial color so that the light rays can easily have an effect on them. Such a treatment is meladine, which is manufactured from marine organism gives the follicle on the root more color.

While determining if a person is qualified to undertake the procedure, the specialists will classify your skin type based on a system called “The Fitzpatrick Chart”. The skin type and color of hair is what brings the variations among individuals. You will have to discuss with your doctor to correctly advise you on the steps you need to take if you are considering this method in Tri cities WA.

It is always important to do adequate research on the alternatives available before selecting the most viable. The procedure is usually expensive on the onset but cheaper than other temporary options in the long run. Selecting a suitable clinic may involve doing online research to compare the different types of services offered. Settle on a professional to ultimately get a confident look.

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