Learn How To Use A No Burn Hair Straightener With Optimal Results

By Sharon Edwards
A good straightener will do far more than create perfectly straight tresses. These tools are also great for taming unmanageable strands and for keeping your coif frizz-free. This is only true, however, if you know how to use them correctly. Following is everything you need to know about using a no burn hair straightener with optimal results.

To start, you want to make sure that you’re working with a top-rated form of equipment. Only the best of these articles will be capable of getting the job done, without causing any unnecessary damage. Thus, check out the plates of the straightening tool and make sure that these have a proper coating. This coating will protect even the individual strand, while still allowing for the application of sufficient heat.

It is also a good idea to make sure that your locks are ready for these efforts. If they are currently weighted down by a lot of styling products, take the time to clean and dry them. Once you have finished shampooing, apply a protective agent that is moisture-rich. No matter how safe your equipment or methods happen to be, this is still something that you want to do. It is a part of diligent hair maintenance.

One major mistake that everyone should avoid is flat ironing or pressing the locks before it has had the chance to dry fully. This is a lot like cooking your tresses. If there isn’t an electric dryer on hand, go ahead and let your strands air dry, but be sure to give them ample opportunity to do so. Before beginning, look for signs of moisture near the root, and at the back of the pate.

When hair is extremely dry or coarse, think about blow drying your strands ahead of any ironing. This will cause the strands to relax so that they are able to respond optimally to the additional heat. This also limits how much direct heat you have to use to create stunning results. This is an important step if you want to keep your locks as healthy as you possible can even while making it straight.

Think about applying a quality pressing oil or any other product that is meant to be used with heat. These things will provide an eye-catching, shiny finish while serving as a functional barrier between the heat and your tresses. Products that are lightweight are ideal, given that these won’t weigh the tresses down.

Section your tresses off by using a comb or your fingers. You do not want to place too many strands into the straightener at one time. This is actually how people burn their strands. Fortunately, when using a unit that is designed to prevent burns, you will have a significantly larger margin for error.

Start close to the roots of your locks, while being mindful to avoid your scalp. This device type will allow you to flatten your tresses from root to tip without risk of skin burns. Mover the unit down the section of strands at a slow and even pace. If it is necessary to repeat, start at the middle of the hair shaft to avoid over-straightening more sensitive areas near the actual scalp.

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