Sun Laboratories Best Self Tanning

By Haywood Hunter
Sun Laboratories, as a private label cosmetic company, specializes in producing high quality self tanning products. Their entire lines are based on natural ingredients such as soybean oil and aloe vera. This makes them skin friendly and prevents drying. Their products are very popular among people with very sensitive, pale skin as well. They are available as roll-on, lotions and sprays, and provide excellent results.

Sun Laboratories clients always emphasize their satisfaction regarding beautiful color they are able to achieve using their products, especially the fact that there is no trace of orange tones in it, what makes them quite unique. The highest quality of Sun Laboratories products is highly appreciated. If you use them correctly, the result will be more than appealing tan.

Sun Laboratories produce all kinds of other skin products. Their exfoliate gel is great for preparing your skin before applying easy tan. It will deeply cleanse your entire body, removing all impurities. Remember to give special attention to some particular areas such as elbows. Only the perfectly clean skin is ready to be tanned.

When you finish with cleansing, it is advisable to use high quality Sun Laboratories moisturizer. It will additionally soften and hydrate your skin. It isn’t really necessary, but it can’t hurt. Especially if you have very dry, sensitive skin type. Different products made for this particular purpose are available in Sun Laboratories high quality cosmetic lines.

When your skin is finally prepared, apply Sun Laboratories self tanning spray, roll.on or lotion. It is advisable to use gloves, or to wash your hands, to prevent having dark colored palms. The lotion is scented, and the fragrance is quite appealing, cherry almond. It will need maybe one hour to dry, and during this time you shouldn’t wear clothes. The color is a result of chemical reaction between sugar molecule in this product and some amino acids in your skin.

This final dark shade you will be able to see three hours later will last for about three to four days, and even longer if you take care of your skin. Sun Laboratories color protective lotions will make it last longer, and they will also be very beneficial for your skin. After that time, you can safely apply a new layer of easy tan.

Fading or color is gradual and natural, and it shouldn’t be a problem. You can use Sun Laboratories self tanning products whenever you want to have really irresistible skin color, as often as you want. There will be no side effects, and it will look impeccably dark brown and so appealing. Bronze finish is another attractive product you should try, for special occasions.

Sun Laboratories company built their image producing self tanning cosmetic products. Their attractive colors and high quality lines make them very popular all around the world. You will find more information about them on their Web sites, and you can order those lovely lines there. Give yourself a chance to have rich, bronze tan in every season. Don’t forget about their special offers.

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