Useful Details About Laser Hair Therapy Fairfield NJ

By Susan Olson
For people who are stressed about waxing, shaving or having their hairs tweezed, there is always the option of seeking laser hair removal. It is one of the commonest cosmetic procedures by people who want to get rid of excess hairs. It involves using beams of light that are highly concentrated and which are focused on hair follicles. Pigment found within follicles absorb light and in the process cause destruction to hairs. In consideration of laser hair therapy Fairfield NJ residents can benefit from some useful information.

There are a number of benefits that the procedure comes with. Lasers are very useful in removing unwanted hairs from underarms, legs and bikini line. The precision of the procedure is one of the main reasons it is preferred. The lasers selectively target dark and coarse hairs while leaving any surrounding areas without damage. This is important because parts of the body that are not targeted are left intact.

The speed with which the procedure works is an advantage too. Laser pulses will take a fraction of a second and can treat several hairs at the same instance. They treat areas which are as large as a quarter every second. The areas that are small such as upper lips can get treated in one minute or even less. Larger areas such as legs or the back may take an hour or more. As regards predictability, most people who go for the procedure will experience loss of hairs after several sessions.

It is important to have proper preparation for the procedure. The procedure is more than just zapping hairs that are unwanted. It is a medical procedure which requires training to be performed and has some risks. Before going for the procedure, the credentials of the doctor should be checked. For those that want to go for the procedure, there should be limit to waxing, plucking and electrolysis for some weeks before treatment.

The hairs that will be removed also need to be trimmed to some millimeters above level of the skin. The device used gets adjusted depending on thickness, location of the hairs and their color. Another factor that needs consideration is skin color. Depending on what type of lasers you use, a technician might advice that eye protection be used. Outer skin layers also need protection and this is done using cold gel or special cooling devices.

There will be use of light pulses that are directed at the treatment area, as the technician makes observation for a couple of minutes. This is important to ensure right settings are used and that there are no bad reactions. After the procedure is complete, you are given inflammatory creams and ice packs to minimize any discomfort. The next sessions can be scheduled after 6 weeks or so. The sessions continue until desired outcomes are achieved.

For a couple of days after treatment is done, the sections affected might feel like they are sunburned. This is sorted out through the use of moisturizers and cool compresses. If it was the face being treated, one can apply makeup after some days. This is unless the skin is blistered.

Costs of this procedure will vary. There are many factors that determine what one pays. Some of these include size of treatment area, number of treatments needed and the professional you choose for the service.

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