The Esthetician Practical Exam 2016: Revision Tips For Beauticians

By Margaret Cole
When asked what their career aspirations are, most young people tend to focus on courses that assure them of white collar jobs. What many do not realize is that there is a lot of potential for financial freedom from blue collar jobs, for instance those in the cosmetics industry. If you ever dream of working in esthetics, you might want to prepare effectively by going through the esthetician practical exam 2016.

When it comes to beauty therapy, true expertise lies in constant practice. Luckily, there are tons of practice materials that you could use to make it easier on your part when the licensing test comes. Past exams, a case in point being the ones done over the last three years, can be easily found at the click of a button. There are websites that provide them free of charge for the benefit of all who are interested.

Even so, going through past exams is not the hardest part. The main challenge lies in gaining practical knowledge of the content contained in books and revision materials. It is imperative that you understand the usage of all the tools required in esthetics. Some websites post step by step tutorials that cover a wide range of procedures that beauticians are required to master. With time, your learning process will become smoother and enjoyable.

When it comes to preparing for the practical test, the best revision materials to use are videos. Standard video hosting websites such as YouTube can come in handy in this regard. Many experienced professionals who passed their tests love to post videos of the different procedures associated with this career field. By revising past exams, you should be able to anticipate the sets of questions that are likely to be asked in your upcoming exams. As a rule of thumb, try to get a thorough grasp of just about everything.

Exams often get administered in timed sections. The first section usually revolves around the preparation of clients and the work area. Over the years, the standard duration for this section has been 15 minutes. The questions may instruct you to prepare your work area in a manner that is safe and hygienic. Furthermore, you may have to give a demonstration on the right ways to drape clients.

The next three sections, each lasting ten minutes, involve facial cleansing using assorted products, towel steaming and massaging respectively. Depending on the amount of time you spend practicing, these sections should be a walk in the park. You should spend as much time as possible practicing on the right techniques to steam and massage the face in addition to using cleansing products.

Your hair removal technique will be tested after this. In essence, this section directly deals with the eyebrows. The good thing is that it often has no time limit. The last section involves makeup application and generally lasts 20 minutes.

The bottom line is that regular practice is what will set you apart from others. Once the test day comes, you will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on your supervisors. Just believe in yourself and the rest will fall into place.

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