Useful Facts About Laser Hair Removal Portland

By Joyce Williams
Laser hair removal for unwanted hairs has become among the most common cosmetic procedures. The procedure uses beams of light that are designed to penetrate into hair follicles. These are absorbed by the pigment in the follicles and to destroy hair within the follicles. There are many lasers and sources of light that have been developed to be used in la hairs. When considering laser hair removal Portland offers many options.

There are a number of reasons why many people opt for removal of hairs using lasers. The goal is to remove unwanted hairs, either the ones brought about by excessive growth or in some cases for individuals that desire a new look. In many cases, one has to go for a number of treatment sessions if they are to get best results. The light sources used are FDA approved and will reduce hairs after some time.

The color of hairs and type of skin have influence on whether or not the procedure will be a success. For example, it is more effective for persons with dark hairs and light skins because melanin is what is targeted by the lasers. Melanin is the pigment that determines skin color. With more technological advancement however, even those with darker skins are able to get effective treatment. Treatment will not be effective for hairs that are white, blond or red.

People who look to go for the procedure need to go for doctors who are experienced and qualified. They have to be certified in such specialties as cosmetic surgery and dermatology. On an ideal basis, they need to be people who have practiced for a period of time. In the event that the procedure is to be done by a nurse or an assistant to the physician, the supervision should be done by a qualified dermatologist.

There are a number of requirements before the procedure is done. There will be a review of medical records and any medications the person might have been taking. This helps to know how effective treatment will be. The consultation also involves discussion of expectations, risks and benefits of the procedure. The discussion also helps to discuss what treatment plan will be used and costs involved.

There are specific tips on how to prepare for the procedure. One is expected to stay away from the sun. Tan increases risk of side effects like skin tightening. If there is tan, from exposure to sunlight or sunless tanning products, you will be required to wait until the tan completely fades before you can undergo laser treatment. There are doctors who will recommend you stay away from the sun for up to 6 weeks before treatment.

Electrolysis, plucking and waxing need to be avoided. These procedures are known to cause disturbance to follicles and will interfere with laser removal. Shaving is allowed since it helps in preservation of follicles. Actually, it is recommended because it ensures lasers do not target hairs above the skin.

Use of lasers will not guarantee permanent removal of hairs. It is possible that after the procedure some hairs will still be growing. There are risks that are expected like pigment change and irritation of the skin but these are never serious.

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Useful Facts About Laser Hair Removal Portland

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