For Good Waxing San Rafael CA Is The Way To Go

By Frank Cole
Waxing refers to the application of wax on the skin to partially remove existing hair by the root to enable new hair that is softer, thinner and finer to regrow. Almost every hairy part of the body can be waxed that is the face, eyebrows, legs, arms, armpit, areas around the genitals, abdomen, back and feet. The period of hair regrowth after waxing can be between four to six weeks depending on the individual and the method of application. For services of waxing San Rafael CA must be among the places one visits.

For one to receive the best result, the hair has to be removed when it is possibly a quarter to half an inch. There are other factors that an individual should consider before the process takes place besides the length of hair. Coarseness or fineness of the hair is another factor an individual has to consider. Waxing of coarse hair is done whenever the hair is about half an inch in length. Fine hair could be waxed when hair is still short.

The process should be done regularly after an interval of four to five weeks from the last session. Skin eventually stops being sensitive after several sessions of waxing and thus hair can be pulled easily as the hair follicle becomes loose. Regular use of this procedure prevents too much hair growth or irregular hair growth rate.

Before going for a wax session people are advised not to shower. This is because the water makes the hair to be soft and it easily disintegrates making the waxing process an inefficient way of hair removal. The only thing that one should do before hair is waxed is the cleaning of the parts to be waxed so that the wax penetrates the skin.

It is more advantageous for an individual to apply this method compared to the ordinary ways of hair removal. This process involves removal of hair together with its roots, hence causing the growth of new hair to be finer and softer in comparison to the previous hair. This is unlike the ordinary ways of removing hair, which only remove hair on the surface of the skin. Another suitable factor that makes this method to be preferred is that it causes uniformity.

During wax treatment, there is pain that an individual has to feel. This procedure causes a lot of pain in some cases. Removal of waxed strip ribbons from the skin is painful when this procedure is done for the first time.

Before engaging in wax treatment, an individual has to seek medical treatment. This process can not be carried out on unhealthy skins. Before the service takes place, there should be time given for wound on the skin to get healed. Damage can be caused on skin when wax penetrates in infected parts.

Sometimes, the procedure can cause bleeding on the skin, red bumps and in-grown hairs . In-gown hair can be prevented by continuous ex foliating and by the application of an oil solution preferably the baby oil and astringent. For more results that are fruitful, it is good to stick to the advice of the aesthetic at all times.

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