Hair Loss Solutions Fairfield NJ

By Frances Powell
According to studies carried out by scientists, approximately 50 percent of men and 40 percent of women will experience hair loss at one point or the other. This indicates the extent to which the problem is serious and thus why many people are seeking solutions. In many instances, baldness is attributed to genetic factors. In considering hair loss solutions Fairfield NJ residents have an array of options to go for.

One of the major solutions to hair loss is ability of an individual to have the right diet to include nutrients needed by hairs. Foods that one eats should be rich in fibers, proteins and vitamin C. These help to lessen any possibility of losing hairs. Medical experts are in agreement that baldness is common in people who have deficiency of some important nutrients. As such, healthy diet is considered as a solution that is effective.

Laser therapy is another option you can use. The procedure involves using light beams that are directed at the areas that are affected. This is normally done to ensure stimulation of hairs at the follicles so that they grow. The procedure is costly and only some people can afford. However, it is known to bring brilliant results, better than many procedures. The most important thing is ensuring you get the best professionals for the job.

If the hair loss is as a result of underlying disease, the disease will need to be treated as a solution. This will include using drugs in order to reduce any inflammation and also to suppress the immune system. If loss of hairs is because of medications one is using, such people will need to cease using the medications for some time. There are also a number of drugs used for treatment of hair loss.

There are many medications one can get in pharmacies but the two most common and which are FDA approved are finasteride and minoxidil. Minoxidil is sold over the counter and works by enabling growth and preventing any further loss. It can be used by women and men. In some individuals, it leads to regrowth and in others it reduces growth rate. In others it will lead to both. For best results, it should be used in a consistent manner.

Finasteride, unlike minoxidil, is a prescription drug. It is only designed for men and is in pill form taken daily. It works by reducing the rate at which hairs grow and also enabling new hairs to grow. It also needs to be used consistently.

The possible side effects that people using minoxidil will experience include rapid heart rate, scalp irritation and growth of hairs on unwanted sections. Finasteride also has side effects, including reduced sex drive and increased risk of prostate cancer. Pregnant women are advised against getting into contact with crushed tablets of finasteride or those that are broken.

Another option that one can consider is hair restoration surgery. For this surgery, a surgeon removes tiny plug pieces from your scalp. These will then get implanted into sections that are bald. In some cases, one is required to take medications prior to and after surgery to improve results.

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