Important Information About Deer Antler Velvet Supplements

By Patrick Smith
Antlers are skull extensions that grow in species belonging to the deer family. They are not true bones, because they can regrow back after breaking. Whilst still growing, the antlers of an elk, moose, deer or caribou contain velvet which is harvested to produce Deer Antler Velvet Supplements. Harvesting must be done while the animal is growing, because by then, the velvet is still liquefied, and cannot pose any harm to it.

The extracted velvet contains various chemicals necessary for the growth of cells and bones. These include, magnesium, zinc, calcium, amino acids, anti-inflammatory substances and Prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are amino acids that regulate the functions of the endocrine system, regulates blood pressure, inflammation, cell growth. Further, prostaglandins regulate nervous functioning to a certain extent. Therefore, without these critical amino acids, the musculoskeletal structure could be very deficient.

During the latter years of the twentieth century, Soviet research experts conducted a survey to determine the impact that the antler velvet had on the general performance of the professional athletes, and the research test results were astonishingly surprising. The supplement drastically boosted muscular strength and mass in athletes who used it. In fact, the substances made athletes set world records in the Olympics, for they gained strength and stamina.

There have been loads of advertisements and promotional claims that imply the beneficial aspects of the supplements. Till today, there is barely any scientific backing to authenticate that, truly, after supplementation, an individual benefit nutritionally. The AGF hormone in the velvet influences rapid antler growth. Its effect of users, however, varies quite widely, because a proportion of users realize an enhanced muscular and joint strength, while in some, there is usually no conspicuous changes.

AGF, or Insulin-like Growth Activity, is a hormone that is quite similar to insulin when molecular structure is concerned, and is known to stimulate growth in kids, yet adults can also be affected by its consumption. Upon stimulation, the Human Growth Hormone, HGH increases internal activities to produce AGF which is very helpful in muscular and skeletal strengthening.

There have been a lot of misinformed claims and inquisitions concerning whether there are any signs and symptoms in people who lack the chemicals provided by the antler velvet. Candidly, the products contain no known nutritional vitality, and therefore, are not so much essential in your daily menu. Furthermore, there have barely been signs and symptoms to signal deficiencies, though grownups can benefit from its consumption.

Similarly, there is a cloud of confusion hovering, pertaining the side effects of supplementation. It is untrue that the products cause any negative impacts on users. Besides, there is no science behind the notion, to undoubtedly prove that the velvet has bad effects to users.

Harvesting the extract from deer antlers has become a matter of concern due to the impact it has on the population of the animal, and the agony through which the deer goes through. The process is normally every painful, and involves a lot of blood because the antlers contain numerous veins and blood capillaries.

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