Read To Discover The Fascinating Facts Of Alexandrite Laser

By Donald Sanders
Due to modern technological advancements, there are now so many ways to remove follicles from the human body. However, when one decides upon this procedure there are some key aspects to take into consideration so the entire process goes smoothly. To ensure a smooth and problem free procedure, make sure to do conduct some research first and asking the dermatologist the right questions.

In this modern age, there has been a multitude of innovations in the dermatology industry. Nowadays, skin procedures have become readily available to the masses and anyone can avail of this service if they want to. Alexandrite laser is one of the most popular ways to remove hair from the body because of its effectiveness. However, one must take note that only FDA certified professionals can do this type of work.

By using radiation, light amplification is achieved so light can flow through. This light is then directed at an alexandrite crystal so that a 750 nm laser is produced in the color red. While that is the standard size, the length will depend upon how much is needed in order for it to effectively go through the pores of the skin.

The reason why this is so effective is because it uses short laser pulses instead of the usual long one. Apart from removing unwanted follicles, this is also commonly used for spider veins, birthmarks, age spots, and even old scars. A demographic that benefits highly from it is the tattooed population. In the instance that they would like to remove a tattoo from their bodies, they can easily get the procedure done in clinics or salons.

Despite being the best in the market and applicable to different variations of skin and hair, it still has limitations. Despite being recommended to all types of hair, it still works best with thin and light colored ones. It is also better on lighter complexion because it makes it easier for the beam to penetrate the surface and take effect.

After the recommended number of sessions, clients can expect the hair to clear out by at least seventy percent. However, the number of sessions will depend upon the thickness of the hair. For instance, a person with thin and fine hair will have an average of six to eight treatments, while thick and dark will take at least eight to twelve.

Even though it is the best in the market, it still has unwanted side effects from continued and excess use. For instance, dark skinned individuals may experience hypo pigmentation, where in patches of skin lighten up. Light skinned individuals will are not free from their own share of issues too because there is a possibility that they will have dark spots because of too much melanin production.

The procedure is not entirely pain free, but there is a light burning sensation which is nothing to worry about. Once the session is over, a dermatologist will usually spread an even amount of cooling gel in order to avoid any swelling and reduce the pain. However, some men and women may have more sensitive skin than others and may experience some swelling and an itchy sensation which will depart in a day or two.

When selecting any sort of procedure, always make sure it has been approved and certified by the FDA. Ask to see any documentation or proof to assure safety and hygiene. Luckily, alexandrite is already an established and approved method since 1977. It is also highly important for the practitioners to have FDA clearance in order to operate the equipment and use the product on clients.

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Read To Discover The Fascinating Facts Of Alexandrite Laser

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