Essentials You Must Know First Before A Laser Hair Removal

By Shirley Walker
At the peak of summer, you may have made a lot of plans for beach bumming. That is why you take all possible measures to make yourself look at your best and that includes, taking all those hairs that might not be a good sight in summer. Though there is no such thing as a total free skin, there is a way for you to at least spend more days to enjoy your bikinis in summer.

There are many methods to deal with your unwanted concerns. Simple ways are through a use of razor and the other one could be warm or cold waxing. But sometimes, even these methods are not as effective as those advanced alternatives. One of these other alternatives is Laser Hair Removal Richmond Hill which is one of the greatest cosmetic demands today.

Known as one of the most common cosmetic procedure in United States, Laser Hair Removal is a method which uses concentrated beam of light that goes directly to your hair follicles. Through this, future growth can be inhibited and thus, it would be deemed as an effective alternative especially for those who have light skin. While this procedure still does not guarantee permanency, you can expect at least extended freedom from this discomforting parts of your body.

Stay away from the heat of the sun. Since you will be dealing with the heat in the process, too much sun exposure might cause damages. Thus, as much as possible, try to schedule an appointment during winter. This way, you do not get too much exposure on the heat of the sun before your treatment.

Shave the desired area for laser removal. This procedure is not like going to your waxing appointment where you must grow your strands first. In this case, you have to shave it off so the laser can target your follicles directly. Remember, you have to use a razor, never wax your strands off to get effective result.

Some skin care products should be avoided before your scheduled session. This is because some ingredients of these products can lead to a sensitive skin and thus, leading to damages after the procedure. Some prescribed creams should also be avoided as these products might also lead to discoloration.

Have a test patch. During your first appointment, your physician will usually do a test patch to determine if your skin can handle the process well. Although it is a sad fact, some are highly sensitive. As a result, you could have pigment problems or scarring.

There are also medications which should be avoided beforehand. That is why it is always advisable that you ask your doctors if the medicine you are currently taking have ingredients which would cause your skin to become sensitive to lasers. If yes, then you may have to stop taking these medicines for a week or more before your appointment.

This procedure is said to be very precise. That is why a lot of people would go for this procedure than the usual shaving and waxing. More so, it is known to be a faster way to remove unwanted hair. Lastly, some patients say that hair loss could permanently be kept after three to seven sessions.

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