Using Holistic Methods To Achieve Insulin Resistance Reverse

By Pamela Hall
Modern society has some illnesses that can have serious consequences. However, many can be handled with lifestyle changes and dietary discipline. The onset of Type II diabetes is one of these. Insulin resistance reverse is not hard, if the person who is afflicted with this metabolic disorder is willing to address the issues that can contribute to this problem, which is a precursor to diabetes.

Research indicates that this disruption of the proper function of the hormone insulin can be genetic. However, this really means that certain individuals may be more prone to this disorder. Anyone with a history of diabetes in their family should therefore be more aware of the risks of developing the disease and take more care to avoid it.

Stress has been shown to be bad for people, and research proves that a heightened state of tension can disrupt normal hormonal balance. The response to insulin, which causes cells to absorb glucose from the bloodstream, is lowered when the whole body is under stress of any kind. Those who try to juggle the demands of their work and their family, or those who suffer from isolation and loneliness, should learn and use stress-relieving techniques.

One of the best is regular outdoor exercise. The research on the benefits of fresh air, sunshine, and the presence of nature are definitive. In addition, exercise is another thing that helps the body function properly and stay healthy. The fact is that muscles burn calories more efficiently than flab, that circulation is increased with exercise so the bloodstream flows normally, and that mental and spiritual health is better in those who get up and get going.

As you can see, this is becoming a total health regime. Weight control is vital to anyone in danger of insulin imbalance. Exercise is key to proper weight control; those who cannot walk or do more strenuous physical activity have a much harder time controlling their weight. Obesity is perhaps the greatest risk factor for developing adult-onset diabetes.

This brings us to the daily diet. People who eat ’empty calories’, another term for junk food, inevitably gain weight and suffer impaired health. High-carbohydrate foods full of altered fats and sugars actually deplete many more nutrients than they contain. This also leaves less room for the whole grains, fresh vegetables, fruits, and high-fiber foods that we need to nourish our bodies.

Eating too much, even if the food is good, is another problem. People get used to restaurant-sized portions and consume more calories than they can burn. Even if they avoid bad fats and too much sugar, they may eat too much protein. The body will actually convert excess protein into glucose, so the excess will be stored as fat. Anything, even water, can be a negative if it is consumed in excessive amounts.

Insulin resistance can be reversed with proper diet, control of portion sizes, adequate exercise, and a balanced lifestyle that curbs stress. Supplements of trace minerals such as chromium can help keep blood sugar stable, as can herbs like bitter melon and white mulberry. Check with your health advisers to see what things you could improve and what nutrients can help you achieve total well-being.

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